Setup EMR with Spark cluster using quick options

In this topic, we are going create an EMR Cluster

  • To create a cluster, we require Key Pair, S3 bucket, then create a cluster.
  • Goto EMR –> Create Cluster –> Quick options.
  • Give the cluster name
  • In General Configuration, enable logging. In test mode, it is not required.
  • There are two launch modes – Cluster and Step execution.
    • Cluster mode – When an enterprise wants to create a cluster and process data, submitting multiple jobs over a period of time like 2 days or week.
    • In Step execution – When we need a cluster for a specific task every day or every week and then terminate the cluster.
  • In Software configuration,
    • Select the release depends on the application.
    • Select the applications, depends on the requirement. Four types are available – Core Hadoop, Hbase, Presto and Spark.
  • In Hardware configuration
    • Choose instance type and the number of instances.
  • In Security access
    • choose the key pair, rest all default
  • Click on create a cluster.