Setup Java and Install scala with Intellij IDE

Setup Java and JDK

In the above video, we will explore how to setup JAVA and JDK.

  • To download JDK, click here.
  • Make sure, 64-bit is to be downloaded.
  • After downloading the JDK, install it.
  • To set up the environment variables, go to Control Panel–> System and Security –>System–> Advanced System Settings–> Environment Varaibles.
  • Copy the path from C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0\bin and add it to the environment variables.
  • Goto PATH and add it.
  • To validate whether Java is installed or not, go to command prompt, enter javac -version.

Install Scala with Intellij IDE

In the above video, we will know about Scala with IntelliJ

  • To download IntelliJ, click here
  • Download the IntelliJ, whether it is Ultimate or Community depends on your requirement.
  • Install the IntelliJ.exe.
  • Install feature plugin Scala and IDE Features Trainer by clicking Install.
  • Then click on Start IntelliJ.
  • It prompts to create a new project and select Scala and sbt, click on next.
  • The new project is created.