Enabling web connection to access web interfaces

In this topic, we will know about access web interfaces for web services running on the cluster.

  • There are multiple web services that are running on the cluster. We can get a list by clicking Enable Web Connection.
  • To view web interfaces hosted on Amazon EMR Clusters, click here
  • Several web interfaces we can able to access.
  • The secure way of accessing web services is SSH Tunnel and proxy.
  • These are the two components which we need to setup to access web interfaces related to web services without exposing the ports.
  • To configure a proxy, if you are using Google Chrome, go to Chrome Web store, select foxyproxy standard and add it to chrome.
  • Click on Enable Web Connection, copy the xml content and save as foxyproxy-settings-emr.xml
  • Go to browser , Import/export , choose the file.
  • To enable the browser, use the below command
    • ssh -i ~/.ssh/itversityemr.pem -ND 8157 hadoop@ec2-18-217-130-112.us.east-2.compute.amazonaws.com
  • Then we can able to access the browser.
  • By enabling use proxy url, we can able to connect web services.
  • We can able to access Spark History Server and web interface URLs.