Using elastic ips to connect to EC2 Instance

  • Each EC2 Instance will have a private and public IP.
  • From private IP, Private DNS will be created and from public IP, public DNS will be created.
  • When you stop and start the instance, the public DNS will be re-assigned.

Registering IP address:

  • Go to Network & Security on EC2 dashboard, in the Elastic IP menu, click on allocate the new address to get the IP address registered with your account.
  • You can also give the name to IP address.

Associating the IP address to the instance:

  • To allocate registered IP address with an instance, Select the IP, click on Actions and then “Associate Address”.
  • Select the instance to which IP address should be allocated and Click on “Associate”.
  • Now, you are associated with rented Elastic IP to EC2 instance, You can stop and start EC2 Instance, the public DNS or IP will not be changed.