Assign policy to entities (user and/or group)

In this topic, we will explore

  • We created policies on S3, one is ReadWriteAccess which give permissions to users to read, write and other is read, write.
  • To attach policies, select the policy and click on Policy actions –> Attach
  • To attach, click on selected policy and Attached entities –> Attach.¬†
  • Then, it shows the users, to which the policy can be attached.
  • Select the user and click on Attach policy.
  • Go to Users, having policies with group Administrator¬†Access, delete the policy.

Validating the assigned policy

  • Open another browser window, enter your AWS account with the user to whom the new policy is assigned.
  • Go to S3, click on the bucket which you created. In this, we are able to read, write and list.
  • Create a folder in a bucket and grant the permissions which are required to the user.