Writing Basic SQL Queries

As part of this section, we will primarily focus on writing basic queries.

  • Standard Transformations

  • Overview of Data Model

  • Define Problem Statement – Daily Product Revenue

  • Preparing Tables

  • Selecting or Projecting Data

  • Filtering Data

  • Joining Tables – Inner

  • Joining Tables – Outer

  • Performing Aggregations

  • Sorting Data

  • Solution – Daily Product Revenue

Here are the key objectives for this section

  • What are different standard transformations and how they are implemented using Basic SQL?

  • Understand the data model using which basic SQL features are explored?

  • Setup the database, tables and load the data quickly

  • How we typically select or project the data, filter the data, join data from multiple tables, compute metrics using aggregate functions, sort the data etc?

  • While exploring basic SQL queries, we will define a problem statement and come up with a solution at the end.

  • Self evaluate whether one understood all the key aspects of writing basic SQL queries using exercises at the end.