Setup SQL Workbench

Let us understand how to setup and use SQL Workbench.

Why SQL Workbench

Let us see the details of why we might have to use SQL Workbench.

  • Using Database CLIs such as psql for postgres, mysql etc can be cumbersome for those who are not comfortable with command-line interfaces.

  • Database IDEs such as SQL Workbench will provide required features to run queries against databases without worrying too much about underlying data dictionaries.

  • SQL Workbench provides required features to review databases and objects without writing queries or running database specific commands.

  • Also Database IDEs provide capabilities to preserve the scripts we develop.

In short Database IDEs such as SQL Workbench improves productivity.

Alternative IDEs

There are several IDEs in the market.

  • TOAD

  • SQL Developer for Oracle

  • MySQL Workbench and many others

Install SQL Workbench

Here are the instructions to setup SQL Workbench.

  • Download SQL Workbench (typically zip file)

  • Unzip and launch

Once installed we need to perform below steps which will be covered in detail as part of next topic.

  • Download JDBC driver for the database we would like to connect.

  • Get the database connectivity information and connect to the database.