Setup Postgres using Docker

In some cases you might want to have postgres setup on your machine. Let us understand how we can setup Postgres using Docker.

  • If you are using our labs, the database will be pre-created by us with all the right permissions.

  • If you are using Windows or Mac, ensure that you have installed Docker Desktop.

  • If you are using Ubuntu based desktop, make sure to setup Docker.

  • Here are the steps that can be used to setup Postgres database using Docker.

    • Pull the postgres image using docker pull

    • Create the container using docker create.

    • Start the container using docker start.

    • Alternatively we can use docker run which will pull, create and start the container.

    • Use docker logs or docker logs -f to review the logs to ensure Postgres Server is up and running.

docker pull postgres

docker container create 
    --name itv_pg 
    -p 5433:5432 
    -h itv_pg 
    -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=itversity 

docker start itv_pg

docker logs itv_pg

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  • You can connect to Postgres Database setup using Docker with docker exec.

docker exec 
    -it itv_pg 
    psql -U postgres

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  • You can also connecto to Postgres directly with out using docker exec.

psql -h localhost 
    -p 5433 
    -d postgres 
    -U postgres