Partitioning Tables and Indexes

As part of this section we will primarily talk about partitioning tables as well as indexes.

  • Overview of Partitioning

  • List Partitioning

  • Managing Partitions - List

  • Manipulating Data

  • Range Partitioning

  • Managing Partitions - Range

  • Repartitioning - Range

  • Hash Partitioning

  • Managing Partitions - Hash

  • Usage Scenarios

  • Sub Partitioning

  • Exercise - Paritioning Tables

Here are the key objectives of this section.

  • Different partitioning strategies

  • How to create and manage partitioned tables?

  • How to manipulate data by inserting, updating and deleting data from managed tables?

  • How to repartition the tables if partitioning strategy is changed (example: from yearly to monthly)?

  • Learn about sub partitioning or nested partitioning or multi level partitioning with examples.

  • Self evaluate whether one understood key skills related to partitioned tables or not using exercises.