Vamsi Penmetsa

Writing Basic SQL Queries

Writing Basic SQL Queries¶ As part of this section we will primarily focus on writing basic queries. Standard Transformations Overview of Data Model Define Problem Statement – Daily Product Revenue Preparing Tables Selecting or Projecting Data Filtering Data Joining Tables – Inner Joining Tables – Outer Performing Aggregations Sorting Data Solution – Daily Product Revenue …

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Exercises – Database Operations

Exercises – Database Operations¶ Let’s create a table and perform database operations using direct SQL. Exercise 1 – Create Table¶ Create table – courses course_id – sequence generated integer and primary key course_name – which holds alpha numeric or string values up to 60 characters course_author – which holds the name of the author up …

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Overview of Transactions

Overview of Transactions¶ Let us go through the details related to Transactions.* We typically perform operations such as COMMIT and ROLLBACK via the applications. COMMIT will persist the changes in the database. ROLLBACK will revert the uncommitted changes in the database. We typically rollback the uncommitted changes in a transaction if there is any exception …

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