Setup httpd service

Let us see steps involved in setting up httpd service on the first node as user itversity (on AWS user is centos)

  • We are setting up httpd to setup local yum repository server so that we don’t need to download repositories on to all nodes connecting to Cloudera repositories.
  • If we have local yum repository server, setup will be faster as it will not use public internet.
  • Connect to first server ssh -i ~/.ssh/google_compute_engine itversity@
  • Run sudo yum -y install httpd
  • Enable on start up sudo systemctl enable httpd
  • Start sudo systemctl start httpd
  • Open port number 80
    • Click on more options for the first server
    • Click on View network details, it will take you to VPC network
    • Click on Firewall rules
    • Click on Create a firewall rule
    • Name: webports
    • Change Target to All instances in the network
    • Set Source IP range to
    • Specified protocols and ports: tcp [80, 7180]
  • Go to browser on the host and enter to see HTTP server is up

If you are using AWS make sure HTTP is open in the security group assigned to host.

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