Day: February 9, 2023

Setup HDFS

Here are the steps involved in setting up HDFS using Cloudera Manager. Choose the dropdown of cluster Cluster 1 Click on Add Service Choose HDFS Configure Namenode – bigdataserver-2 Configure Secondary Namenode – bigdataserver-3 Configure Data Nodes – bigdataserver-5 to bigdataserver-7 Once the HDFS is started, click on the instances and choose Add Role Instances …

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As part of this section we will see how to set up HDFS components such as Namenode, Secondary Namenode, Datanodes etc while exploring some of the key concepts of this very important service. Setup HDFS Copy Data into HDFS Components of HDFS Configuration Files and Important Properties Review Web UIs and log files Checkpointing and …

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Zookeeper Concepts

Quite often we will have distributed services running on multiple servers (especially masters, for e.g.: Active/Passive Namenode of HDFS). Zookeeper can keep track of the multiple servers associated with a distributed service and ensure that it serves the clients of that service with High Availability and Fault Tolerance. Zookeeper service handles the following functions in …

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