Set up alerting for excessive disk fill

Let us see how we can configure alerts by taking excessive disk fill as an example.

As part of the setup process, we have setup Cloudera Management Service. One of the components that are set up as part of Cloudera Management Service is Alert Publisher.

Alert Publisher facilitate the support team to receive alerts in a timely manner.

  • Make sure Alert Publisher is setup. If not, you need to go to instances in Cloudera Management Service, then click on Add Role Instances and configure Alert Publisher.
  • Once Alert Publisher is added, we can go to Configuration and set up Alerts.
  • Enable Alerts: Enable Email Alerts
  • Configure SMTP details. We can leave defaults on the current cluster created for learning purposes. However, in actual production clusters, we need to get SMTP details such as IP Address or DNS Alias, Username and Password and then we need to configure SMTP to send alerts.
  • Configure Recipient Details under Alerts: Mail Message Recipients

Once you configure the alert publisher we can enable alert from any of the services. Let us see the details with respect to HDFS.

  • Go to HDFS -> Configuration
  • Search for alert
  • Enable (Check) Enable Service Level Health Alerts.
  • We can now go to Administration -> Alerts
  • We can click on HDFS and review all the alerts configured.

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