Set up a local CDH Repository

Here are the high-level details to set up a local CDH Repository.

  • We can install CDH directly from public repositories. However, it is not a good idea to use public repositories directly while using Packages.
    • Network Intensive
    • Behind the Firewall
  • We will facilitate only one host to connect to public repositories.
    • Parcels – Server on which Cloudera Manager is running or a Proxy Server
    • Packages – Local yum repository server
  • We typically do not set up CDH repository for Parcels.
  • High-level instructions
    • Identify server on which yum repository should be set up.
    • Setup web server such as Apache Web Server (HTTPD).
    • Download repo files from Cloudera under DocumentRoot of Apache Web Server.
    • Create repositories for CM and CDH
    • Update repo files pointing to local yum repository servers
    • Validate by running yum repolist and yum list all commands.

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