Review important properties

Let us review some of the important properties associated with Zookeeper.

  • Use Cloudera Manager and go to configs
  • Also go to /etc/zookeeper/conf to review the properties
    • dataDir
    • dataLogDir – for snapshots of transaction logs.
    • tickTime – used for heartbeat
    • clientPort
    • server.*
  • Cloudera Manager manages run time properties in unique way. When ever you restart a service or a component associated with a service, it will create sub directory under¬†/var/run/cloudera-scm-agent/process/ to preserver configuration files with respect to service or component of a service.
  • Typically latest properties file with respect to service will be available under /etc, but not in the case of Cloudera distribution.
  • It is important to understand this distinction so that even if Cloudera Manager components are down we should be able to troubleshoot certain issues by getting into the appropriate locations of log files, configuration files etc.

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