Resolve errors/warnings in Cloudera Manager  

Let us see how can resolve errors and warnings we see in Cloudera Manager.

  • Errors will be in red and warning will be in orange.
  • We need to make sure there are no errors or warnings in Cloudera Manager.
  • We will only be able to work on errors related to Hosts and Services using Cloudera Manager. Application Issues need not be fixed using Cloudera Manager.
  • Let us see some of the common issues.
    • Service or a component of a service is down.
    • The hard disk might be full on one or more nodes in the cluster.
    • Applications are not starting or running very slow. As part of the troubleshooting we might have determined that services such as YARN, Impala are not configured properly.
  • Once corrective action is taken we might have to restart the service. Make sure that there is no restart or re-deploy icons. Also, ensure that the underlying service is working without any issues.

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