Perform OS-level Configuration

Let us see the OS-level Configuration for Hadoop Installation.

  • Click here for more details about OS-level Configuration details.
  • We can also run Host Inspection and review any warnings and take necessary actions.
  • We will disable swappiness and transparent huge page compaction.

Disable Swappiness

Let us see how we can disable swappiness.

  • Run sysctl vm.swappiness=0 on all the hosts
  • Copy /etc/sysctl.conf to /home/itversity/setup_cluster/files/etc
  • Synchronize on to all the servers using ansible. This will make sure that swappiness is disabled on reboots.

Disable Transparent Huge Page Compaction

Let us see how we can disable Huge Page Compaction.

  • Update both the files as per the recommended commands by Host inspector.
  • Also copy /etc/rc.local to /home/itversity/setup_cluster/files/etc and then add the commands into that file.

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