Introduction and Setting up of Scala

In this topic, we will explore Scala.

What is Scala?

  • Scala is JVM based functional programming language.

Why Scala?

  • Even though Scala is there for more than a decade (founded in 2000), it has gained a lot of momentum with Spark.
  • Spark is completely developed using Scala
  • On top of Spark (used for data processing), Scala also have frameworks such as Play to develop web applications

Setting up Scala on your local machine

  • For Mac users – Download and install using tarball. Set PATH to the bin directory
  • Windows – Download and Install using MSI
  • If you have the subscription to itversity labs then Scala is pre-installed in it
  • For building projects, better to install IDE’s such as IntelliJ IDE or Eclipse with Scala plugin
  • For Certification point of view practice using REPL


  • REPL – Read, Evaluate, Print and Loop
  • Use scala command to launch REPL
  • :quit to come out
  • Ctrl+l to clear the screen
  • We can get the help using :help command
  • Use up arrow to see the history also :history to check the previous commands

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