Do you want to know how to set up local yum repository server so that we can download binaries from with in the network of the enterprise rather than downloading from the internet? First we need to setup local yum repository server.

Steps involved to setup local yum repo server

  • Overview of yum
  • Setup httpd service on one of the servers
  • Cloudera – Local yum repository
  • Copy repo files

Almost all the vendors maintain repository servers and provide .repo file which can be downloaded to /etc/yum.repos.d. Packages will be available and when you try to install using yum, it will download files from the internet and then install. It is not practical to use that approach in enterprises due to security, network bandwidth constraints etc. Hence we need to set up local yum repo server.

Typically most of the Big Data clusters in production will be setup using Red Hat Enterprise Linux and also Cloudera certification exam is conducted on CentOS 7 which is Red Hat flavor and hence we are covering setting up local yum repository. If you have to work on Debian flavors such as Ubuntu or SUSE Linux please refer to official documentation for detailed instructions.

As there is $300 credit, we will be demonstrating on Google Cloud. Make sure to make changes related to AWS while performing tasks on AWS EC2 instances.

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