Install CM and CDH on all nodes

Now let us install CM and CDH on all nodes using packages. It will take care of installing Cloudera Manager Agents along with CDH components such as Hadoop, Spark etc on all nodes in the cluster. Once installation is done, we will be configuring one service at a time as we get into the details with respect to each of the service that comes as part of CDH.

Let us start servers from 2 to 7 to set up CDH on all nodes except 8th one. We will use 8th one to perform tasks such as adding nodes to existing cluster.

  • Login to Cloudera manager – <bigdataserver-1-external-ip>:7180
  • Choose Version of Cloudera
  • Adding hosts to the cluster environment – Enter the hostnames of all servers. e.g.: bigdataserver-[1-7]. These are hostnames pointing to internal IPs.
  • Selecting a repository – Since we set up a local repository you can give the same URL.
  • Installing Java – Check to install JDK
  • Single User Mode – Don’t enable Single User Mode
  • SSH credentials for Cloudera Manager to login other hosts. – Give the username and Google Cloud Private Key
  • Cluster installation – Cluster install will take few minutes

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