Install Cloudera Manager Server and Agents

Let us discuss details about installing Cloudera Manager Server and Agents.

  • Cloudera Manager Server will be running on one of the hosts in the cluster, while Agents need to run on all the hosts in the cluster.
  • Cloudera Manager Server and Agents together facilitate us to easily set up CDH on the cluster as well as manage them.
  • We started with Packages and migrated to Parcels.
  • If we want to set up using Parcels, then typically we don’t need to have local yum repositories set up for CM or CDH. We can download repo file and then install using Cloudera Manager.
  • Here are the steps involved in setting up of Cloudera Manager Server.
    • Install and Setup Database. We have installed MySQL and then created a database called as scm.
    • Install Cloudera Manager Server using scm database.
  • Once Cloudera Manager Server is set up, we installed Agents on all the hosts using Wizard while setting up CDH.

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