Install CDH using Cloudera Manager

Let us talk about how we can setup CDH on the cluster.

  • We have installed CDH using Packages and then migrated to Parcels.
  • If we want to setup cluster with Parcels directly, steps are not significantly different, except for one page where it prompts us to use Packages or Parcels.
  • Once the cluster is set up, it does not make much of a difference between Packages and Parcels for Hadoop ecosystem tools such as Hive, Oozie etc.
  • However, if we want to set up non-Hadoop tools such as Spark, Kafka etc., then steps might be a bit different. Also, we can setup Spark 2 only using Parcels at this time.
  • Parcels is the recommended approach by Cloudera. It simplify management of repositories.

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