Configure YARN Resource Manager HA

Let us see how to configure YARN Resource Manager High Availability using Cloudera Manager. Keep in mind that Namenode HA is critical and complex, others are neither as critical nor complicated.

Go to the YARN service.

  • Select Actions > Enable High Availability.
    • A pop-up window will display showing remaining or eligible hosts for the standby ResourceManager except where current ResourceManager is running.
    • Select the host to run standby ResourceManager to install
    • Click Continue to install standby ResourceManager in the following steps.
      • Stop YARN service
      • Add standby ResourceManager
      • Initialize zookeeper state with RM High Availability
      • Restart YARN
      • Redeploy the client configurations

ResourceManager HA does not affect the JobHistory Server (JHS). JHS does not maintain any state, so if the host fails you can simply assign it to a new host. Here state is nothing but cluster as well as the checkpoint information saved by Application Master for running jobs.

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