Day: February 11, 2023

Schedulers Overview

Let us go through the overview of schedulers. YARN supports three types of Schedulers – FIFO Scheduler, Fair Scheduler, and Capacity Scheduler. FIFO Scheduler – default with plain vanilla Hadoop and typically used for exploratory purposes. Fair Scheduler – Resources will be allocated to all the subsequent jobs in Fair Manner, default with Cloudera distribution. Capacity Scheduler …

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As part of this section, we will understand schedulers in YARN in detail. There are different schedulers – FIFO, Fair, and Capacity. Schedulers Overview FIFO Scheduler Introduction to Fair Scheduler Configure Fair Scheduler Fair Scheduler – examples Introduction to Capacity Scheduler Configure Capacity Scheduler Capacity Scheduler – examples

HDFS Namenode HA – Automatic failover

Automatic failover relies on two additional components in an HDFS: a ZooKeeper quorum, and the ZKFailoverController process (abbreviated as ZKFC). In Cloudera Manager, the ZKFC process maps to the HDFS Failover Controller role. Apache ZooKeeper is a highly available service for maintaining small amounts of coordination data, notifying clients of changes in that data, and …

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