CM Agents and CM Server

We started with Cloudera Manager Server and then we have installed CDH and CM components using Cloudera Manager web interface. You should have observed that Cloudera Manager agents are installed as part of installation of Cloudera Manager Components.

  • Agents will be running on all the nodes in the cluster including one which have Cloudera Manager.
  • Agents periodically send details to Cloudera Manager Server.
  • Cloudera Manager Server store the information sent by agents in MySQL database.
  • You can see the information sent by agents in the form of dashboards using Cloudera Manager. You need to setup Cloudera Management Service for this.
  • If Cloudera Manager Server is not getting information from Cloudera Manager Agent, you should be able to validate whether agents are running or not.
    • You can login to the node on which Agent is not able to send the information and run this command – sudo systemctl status cloudera-manager-agent
    • You can try starting or restarting the agent using systemctl command.
    • You can also check logs by going to this location – /var/log/cloudera-scm-agent

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