Cloudera Management Service – Components

The following are several services as part of Cloudera Management Service:

  • Service Monitor – To monitor services like Hadoop, hive etc. that are installed in the cluster
  • Activity Monitor –  To monitor the jobs run by different cluster services like Pig, Hive, Oozie, MapReduce etc.
    • Activity Monitor is not included while setting up Management Service.
    • Now let us see how we can add this service.
      • Click on drop down for Cloudera Management Service
      • Click on Add Role Instances
      • As activity monitor require database, let us create database in our mysql server, create user and grant permissions to the user on database.
      • Use newly created database and complete setup process for Activity Monitor.
  • Host Monitor – To monitor hosts themselves to monitor how much CPU has been used, the hard disk has been used.
  • Reports Manager – Provides the reports in dashboards by getting metrics from agents and consolidate according to the reporting requirement.
  • Event Server – When the different cluster services are running, there are several events that are running parallelly in the cluster. These events can generate exception or errors which needs attention to take necessary action.
  • Alert Publisher – To send alerts using SMTP

By now you should have setup MySQL, create necessary databases for different services, install cloudera manager and then setup CDH on all 7 nodes. It is time for us to configure services and understand concepts behind each of the service.

Make sure to stop all the servers if you are not going to continue further at this time

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