Cloudera – Local yum repository

Let us see steps involved in setting up local yum repo server for Cloudera Distribution. Make necessary changes to run in other environments such as AWS.

  • Connect to first server ssh -i ~/.ssh/google_compute_engine itversity@
  • Install wget and createrepo

  • Validate by running yum repolist and yum list all commands
  • Create directory /var/www/html
  • Setup repository for both cloudera manager and CDH
  • Typically there will be few centralized yum repository servers in an organization.
  • Big Data administrators might not setup in enterprises, but they have to work closely with responsible teams who manages yum repository servers.

Cloudera Manager

Let us create local repository for cloudera manager. It contains packages related to cloudera manager, agent, j2sdk etc.

  • Download cloudera-manager.repo
  • Run reposync to copy RPMs locally
  • Make sure RPMs are in the location that is being served by baseurl in repo file
  • Go to the baseurl and run createrepo so that repodata directory is created
  • Go to the gpg key url and make sure gpg key is downloaded.
  • Make sure to update the URLs in repo files pointing to local repositories. Also validate by using browser by copy pasting the baseurl.
  • Make sure URLs are using http not https in our case.

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