Add a New Node to an Existing Cluster

Let us see how to add a new node to an existing cluster.

  • Provision the server and make sure passwordless login is setup. If you are using Ansible, make sure it is added to the hosts file in appropriate host groups.
  • Make sure there is passwordless login enabled between the server on which Cloudera Manager is running and the new host.
  • Go to Hosts -> All Hosts and then click on Add New Hosts to Cluster. It will take us to Add Hosts Wizard.
  • Add ip address or DNS Alias of all the hosts, then proceed further to setup Cloudera Manager Agent as well as CDH on that Host.
  • Determine whether this node will be Gateway or Master or Worker for a given service. Steps will vary based on the choice.
    • Gateway: Configure as Gateway for multiple services.
    • Master: Understand Architecture of the service and move the master component on to that host.
    • Worker: Configure all worker components (Datanode, Node Manager, Resource Manager etc) to the cluster. We also need to make sure data is balanced in the cluster by using balancer. We will see that at a later point in time.

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