Day: March 9, 2022

Overview of Database Operations

Database Operations – Overview¶ Let us get an overview of Database Operations we typically perform on regular basis. They are broadly categorized into the following: DDL – Data Definition Language CREATE/ALTER/DROP Tables CREATE/ALTER/DROP Indexes Add constraints to tables CREATE/ALTER/DROP Views CREATE/ALTER/DROP Sequences DML – Data Manipulation Language Inserting new data into the table Updating existing …

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DML or CRUD Operations

DML or CRUD Operations¶ Let us understand how to perform CRUD operations using Postgresql. Normalization Principles Tables as Relations Database Operations – Overview CRUD Operations Creating Table Inserting Data Updating Data Deleting Data Overview of Transactions Exercise – Database Operations Here are the key objectives of this section. What are the different types of Database …

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Data Loading Utilities into Postgres Database

Data Loading Utilities into Postgres Database¶ Let us understand how we can load the data into databases using utilities provided. Most of the databases provide data loading utilities. One of the most common way of getting data into database tables is by using data loading utilities provided by the underlying datatabase technology. We can load …

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