Sign up for GCP

Let us sign up to GCP and start using it for setting up the clusters. We will be demonstrating using GCP quite extensively.

  • Home Page:
  • $300 credit for an year. This credit is enough to learn set up process for most of the clusters.
  • We will be able to stop the servers and start when ever we need. It will help us leverage credit for our learning purposes.
  • Setup process will take only few minutes for us to start provisioning servers (virtual machines).
  • Make sure to upgrade the account to use the $300 credit
  • Go to quotas and increase CPUs to 48 in the region of your choice for Compute Engine APIs – CPUs. In our case it is us-east1
    • Choose the metric in desired region
    • Enter phone number and click on Next
    • Enter quota to be 48 and click on Save.
    • It might take 2 days to increase the quota.
  • Pricing – let us go through the details related to pricing.
    • There are variable costs and fixed costs associated with GCP
    • VM Instances are charged as you use them
    • Once provisioned there is fixed cost with respect to storage as well as static ips.
    • You can use GCP pricing calculator to have idea about costs
    • Once $300 is saturated, you or your company have to pay for it.

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