Setup YARN + MR2

Here are the steps involved in setting up YARN + MR2 using Cloudera Manager. There are 2 different processing engines that can be configured using Cloudera Manager (Map Reduce which is a legacy framework and YARN + MR2).

We don’t need to worry much about the legacy framework.

  • Choose the drop-down of cluster Cluster 1
  • Click on Add Service
  • Choose YARN
  • Configure Resource Manager – bigdataserver-4
  • Configure Node Managers – bigdataserver-5 to bigdataserver-7 (same as Datanodes)
  • Once the YARN is started
    • Check whether bigdataserver-1 is configured as Gateway
    • If not click on the instances and choose Add Role Instances
    • Configure bigdataserver-1 and all other nodes as gateway nodes for YARN.
  • Gateways facilitate us to connect to YARN cluster and issue commands to process data using frameworks like Map Reduce, Spark etc.
  • Let us also review a few things as part of the setup process.

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