Setup Hive and Impala

Let us see how to setup Hive on an existing cluster using Cloudera Manager.

Configure Hive

  • Go to Add Service and select Hive
  • Assign role or select the host to install the components – Gateway, HiveServer2 and Hive Metastore Server. We will be configuring Gateway on all nodes and Hive Server as well as Hive Metastore on bigdataserver-4.
  • We need to make sure MySQL java connector is installed on bigdataserver-4.
  • Review important properties and customize if required.
  • Complete installation – Run the installer and start each component.

Configure Impala

  • Go to Add Service and select Impala
  • Assign role or select the hosts to install the components – Impala State Store and  Impala Catalog and Impala Daemons.
  • There are no Gateways with respect to impala. We need to specify one of the servers on which Impala Daemon is running while launching Impala Shell to run commands or queries.

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