Section 8:85. Overview of Acid Transactions in Hive

ACID transactions in Hive support the following operations:

  1. Insert: Adds new data to the table.
  2. Update: Modifies existing data in the table.
  3. Delete: Removes data from the table.

ACID transactions in Hive provide the following benefits:

  1. Strong consistency guarantees: ACID transactions ensure that the data in the database is always consistent.
  2. High availability: ACID transactions provide fault-tolerance and ensure that the database remains available even in the event of a failure.
  3. Improved performance: ACID transactions improve the performance of the database by reducing the number of disk I/O operations required.

In summary, ACID transactions in Hive provide a reliable and efficient way to manage data in a distributed environment, and they are particularly useful for applications that require strong consistency guarantees.

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