Section 8:81.Inserting Data into Partitioned Tables -Using dynamic Partition mode

When inserting data into partitioned tables in Hive, there are two modes to consider: static and dynamic partitioning. Dynamic partitioning allows Hive to automatically determine the partition for each row based on the values in the data being inserted, making it a more flexible and efficient method for inserting large amounts of data into a partitioned table.

Here are the steps for inserting data into partitioned tables using dynamic partitioning mode in Hive:

  1. Set the appropriate Hive configuration properties:
  2. set hive.exec.dynamic.partition=true;

This enables dynamic partitioning and sets the mode to non-strict, which means that if a partition specified in the insert statement doesn’t exist, Hive will create it.

By using dynamic partitioning, Hive can efficiently insert large amounts of data into a partitioned table without the need for explicit partition creation. However, this method may not be suitable for all scenarios, such as when the number of unique partition values is very large, in which case static partitioning may be more appropriate.

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