Section 7:70. Difference Between Hive and RDBMS

  1. RDBMS Tables are Schema on Write. For each and every write operation there will be validations such as Data Types. Scale, Precision, Check Constraints, Null Constraints. Unique Constraints performed.
  1. RDBMS Tables are fine tuned for best of the for transactions (POS. Bank Transfers

etc) whereas Hive is meant for heavy weight batch data processing.

  1. where we can create indexes which are populated live in RDBMS. In Hive, indexes are typically static and when we ever add the data. indexes have to be rebuilt.
  1. Even though one can specify constraints in Hive tables. They are only informational. The constraints might not be enforced.
  1. We don’t perform ACID Transactions in Hive Tables.
  1. There are no Transaction based statements such as COMMIT. ROLLBACK etc. in Hive.
  2. Metastore and Data are decoupled in Hive. Metastore is available in RDBMS and actual business data is typically stored in HDFS.

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