Section 6:48. Launching and using Hive CLI

Hive CLI (Command Line Interface) is a tool that provides a command-line interface to interact with the Hive database. It allows users to run HiveQL queries and perform administrative tasks such as creating databases and tables, managing partitions, and executing scripts. Hive CLI is typically used by developers, analysts, and administrators who prefer a command-line interface to interact with Hive instead of using a graphical user interface. Note that Hive CLI has been deprecated in recent versions of Hive in favor of newer tools like Beeline and Hue.

To launch the Hive CLI (Command Line Interface), you can use the following command in your terminal:


From here, you can enter HiveQL commands to interact with your Hive database, create tables, load data, and perform other operations. To exit the Hive CLI, you can use the exit or quit command, or simply press Ctrl+D. Note that if you’re connecting to a remote Hive server, you may need to use additional options with the hive command to specify the server hostname or IP address, the Hive service port, and authentication credentials.

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