Section 5: 34. Overview of  “hadoop fs” or “hdfs dfs”

“hadoop fs” and “hdfs dfs” are command line interfaces for interacting with the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). They provide various commands for performing operations on HDFS, such as creating directories, copying files, and reading data from the file system.

Here are some common commands and their usage:

 List files and directories      hadoop fs -ls

Creating directories             hadoop fs -mkdir

Copying data to HDFS        hadoop fs -copyFromLocal or hadoop fs -put

Copying data from HDFS    hadoop fs -copyToLocal or hadoop fs -get

Deleting directories              hadoop fs -rm -R

Changing permissions         hadoop fs -chmod

Check size of the data sets   hadoop fs -du -s -h

These are just a few examples of the many commands available for interacting with HDFS using the “hadoop fs” or “hdfs dfs” command line interface. For a complete list of commands, you can refer to the Hadoop documentation.


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