Section 5 : 33.Overview of HDFS and Properties Files

We will follow the same standard process to learn while adding any software-based service.

  • Downloading and Installing – already taken care of as part of adding hosts to the cluster.
  • Configuration – we need to understand architecture and plan for the configuration.
    • Architecture – Master, Helper, and Slaves
    • Components – Namenode, Secondary Namenode, and Datanodes
    • Configuration Files – /etc/hadoop/conf
    • With cloudera the location is a bit different and we will see it after setting up the service.
  • Service logs – /var/log/hadoop-hdfs
  • Service Data – Different locations for different components of HDFS controlled by different properties such as, etc
  • hdfs-site.xml will have parameters that are used by HDFS
    • dfs.blocksize
    • dfs.replication
    • dfs.namenode.http-address
    • dfs.datanode.http.address

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