Section 4 :21.Hadoop distributed file system quick overview

NameNode: NameNode works as a Master in a Hadoop cluster that guides the Datanode(Slaves). Namenode is mainly used for storing the Metadata i.e. the data about the data. Meta Data can be the transaction logs that keep track of the user’s activity in a Hadoop cluster. 

Meta Data can also be the name of the file, size, and the information about the location(Block number, Block ids) of Datanode that Namenode stores to find the closest DataNode for Faster Communication. Namenode instructs the DataNodes with the operation like delete, create, Replicate, etc. 

DataNode:  DataNodes works as a Slave DataNodes are mainly utilized for storing the data in a Hadoop cluster, the number of DataNodes can be from 1 to 500 or even more than that. The more number of DataNode, the Hadoop cluster will be able to store more data. So it is advised that the DataNode should have High storing capacity to store a large number of file blocks. 

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