Provision Servers for Big Data Cluster

Now let us provision server for our Big Data Cluster.

  • Go to Instance Templates
  • Click on more options and then choose Create VM
  • Name: bigdataserver-1
  • Click on Create

Once the server is provisioned, we need to add additional disks for storage.

  • Click on bigdataserver-1
  • Click on Edit
  • Click on Add Item under Additional disks
  • Click on Create Disk
    • Name: bigdataserver-1-disk-1
    • Choose Blank Disk from Source type
    • Size: 60 (GB)
    • Click on Create
  • Now Click on Save under Edit page.

Repeat these steps 7 more times, so that we have 8 Servers with 8 external hard drives of size 60 GB each.

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