Managing files and file permissions – HDFS File permissions

Let us go through file permissions in HDFS.

  • As we create the files, we can check the permissions on them using -ls command.
  • Typically the owner of the user space will have rwx, while members of the group specified as well as others have rx
  • We can change the permissions using hadoop fs -chmod
  • We can specify permissions mode (e.g.: +x to grant execute access to owner, grop as well as others) as well as octal mode (e.g.: 755 to grant rwx for owner, rx for group and others)

If you are not familiar with linux command chmod, we would highly recommend you to spend some time to get detailed understanding of it as it is very important with respect to file permissions.

Let us copy data into all 3 user spaces for the users cloudera, itversity and demo.

If you want to take the break, make sure to stop Services and Cloudera Management Service in Cloudera Manager and then stop servers in the Cloud Platform.

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