Hive Commands and Queries

Hive Commands and Queries are very important for developers. However, it is important for Big Data Administrators to have some knowledge about these.

  • Hive CLI can be launched using hive. We can also run individual hive commands without getting into Hive CLI using hive -e.
  • We can also use hive -s to pass series of commands as a script.
  • You can check as well as update the properties using set command.
  • We can override properties in .hiverc to overwrite behavior of all hive sessions initiated by respective OS user.
  • Hive supports DDL, DML as well as SQL – to create tables, to load data into tables as well as process data.
  • Hive uses HDFS for underlying storage which is good for larger files. Due to this, Hive has restrictions with respect to traditional DML.
  • There are no transaction management commands such as commit, rollback etc.

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