Development Cycle – Compile changes and run jar with arguments

As part of this topic, we will explore another way of compiling and running the jar file with arguments through SBT

  • We can make the changes to the code
  • Recompile the jar file
  • Run the jar file
  • How to pass the arguments to the program


object OrderRevenue {
def main(args: Array[String]) = {
  val orderId = args(1).toInt
  val orderItems = Source.fromFile("/home/dgadiraju/data/retail_db/order_items/part-00000").getLines
  val orderRevenue = orderItems.filter(oi => oi.split(",")(1).toInt == orderId).
  map(oi => oi.split(",")(4).toFloat).
  reduce((t, v) => t + v)

Run the program using this below command

scala target/scala-2.10/retail_2.10-1.0.jar OrderRevenue 2

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