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As part of this course, we will see how to set up Big Data Clusters using Cloudera distribution.

  • Set up and support the cluster
  • Following are the Big Data technologies available as part of these products and we will see how to set up these products using Cloudera distribution
    • HDFS
    • YARN + MR2
    • Spark
    • Hive
    • Sqoop
    • Pig
    • HBase etc.
  • As part of this course we will see
    • Basics of Linux for Cluster set up and support
    • Setting up pre-requisites
    • Install MySQL database for Cloudera repositories
    • Set up Cloudera Manager and Cloudera Management Service
    • Install CDH components such as Hadoop, Spark, Solr etc
    • Configure High Availability
    • Day to day operations using Cloudera Manager
  • We will see the life cycle of adding each of the service
    • Understand architecture of each of the component
    • Add using Cloudera Manager
    • Validating by running simple commands/scripts
    • Understand configuration files
    • Checking logs
  • The cluster will be set up using 7 virtual machines
  • Once the training is done, you will
    • Learn how to set up Big Data cluster using Cloudera distribution
    • Skills required to support day to day operations
    • Understand capacity planning
    • Be able to prepare for certifications

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