Accessing Resource Manager using SSH Tunneling 

Prerequisites :

  • Cygwin for Windows 
  • Terminal for Linux or Mac 
  • Foxy Proxy Extension for Google Chrome

Install Cygwin Terminal (Skip to Step 2 if you are using Mac or Linux-based machine) 

Tunnel into your Itversity Lab account using SSH from Cygwin (in Windows), Terminal (for Mac and Linux) 

  • Open Cygwin/terminal  
  • Use the following command and replace the username with your itversity labs username and with your assigned gateway. 
ssh -MD 2222 
  • Then you’ll be prompted to give a password, copy the password from your lab’s dashboard and paste it. 
  • Now open your Chrome browser and click on the Extensions icon on the right and manage Extensions
  • Click on open Chrome Web Store on the bottom left 
  • Search for foxy proxy and click on FoxyProxy Standard and add that Extension 
  • Click on the Extensions icon and click on options for the foxy proxy 
  • Click on add new proxy 
  • Under proxy details select SOCKS proxy and give the host localhost and port as the port you mentioned in the ssh command (in our case 2222) 
  • Give a name LABS to your foxy in general and click on save 
  • Now click on the foxy proxy icon under extensions and click on use proxy profile for all URLs 

Now you Should be able to open Resource Manager.

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