Day: March 16, 2022

Special Functions in Python

Special Functions¶ Python provides several special functions. These special functions are primarily used to convert data types, representing as strings, validating lists etc. All operators are typically nothing but functions. We have already seen operator which contain the functions. All the standard classes have special functions called as __str__ and __repr__ to provide string representation. …

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String Manipulation in Python

String Manipulation Functions¶ Let us go through some of the important string manipulation functions using Python as programming language.* Splitting Strings Converting Case Concatenating Strings Getting Sub String Data Type Conversion Let’s use below string to explore string manipulation functions. ‘1,123 456 789,Scott,Tiger,1989-08-15,+1 415 891 9002,Forrest City,Texas,75063’ The above string is delimited or separated by …

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