Day: March 14, 2022

Data-type Conversion in PostgreSQL

Data Type Conversion¶ Let us understand how we can type cast to change the data type of extracted value to its original type. In [1]: %load_ext sql In [2]: %env DATABASE_URL=postgresql:// env: DATABASE_URL=postgresql:// In [3]: %%sql SELECT ’09’::int 1 rows affected. Out[3]: int4 9 In [4]: %%sql SELECT current_date AS current_date * postgresql://itversity_retail_user:*** 1 rows affected. Out[4]: current_date 2022-03-14 …

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Data Manipulation Functions in PostgreSQL

Date Manipulation Functions¶ Let us go through some of the important date manipulation functions. Getting Current Date and Timestamp Date Arithmetic using INTERVAL and – operator Getting beginning date or time using date_trunc Extracting information using to_char as well as calendar functions. Dealing with unix timestamp using from_unixtime, to_unix_timestamp Getting Current Date and Timestamp¶ Let …

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String Manipulation Functions in PostgreSQL

String Manipulation Functions¶ We use string manipulation functions quite extensively. Here are some of the important functions which we typically use. Case Conversion – lower, upper, initcap Getting size of the column value – length Extracting Data – substr and split_part Trimming and Padding functions – trim, rtrim, ltrim, rpad and lpad Reversing strings – …

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