196.Quick Overview of Hive

  • Command to launch hive CLI:
    • hive
  • Command to connect to a database
    • use training_retail;
  • Command to get list of tables in database
    • SHOW tables;
  • Command to get columns and their datatypes in a table
    • DESCRIBE orders;
  • Command to get all the meta-data related to a table
  • Command to create a demo table
    • CREATE TABLE orders_demo (order_id INT,order_date STRING,order_customer_id INT,order_status STRING) ROW FORMAT DELIMITED FIELDS TERMINATED BY ',';
  • Hive query to show first 10 records from a table
    • SELECT * FROM orders LIMIT 10;
  • Query to get number of records in a table
    • SELECT count(1) FROM orders;

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